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Quotes "I was interviewed by Yvonne as a segment for Irish Hearts, the arts show on Irish Radio International. She's a funny, informed and laidback presenter who quickly puts her guests at ease - no mean feat in terms of remote - phone or Skype - conversations where you have to be quick-thinking to make it sound natural. I look forward to hearing much more of her arts broadcasting in the future. " Writer, VO Artist, Performer, Workshop Leader, Casting Director. October 9, 2017 Quotes
Nick McGinley
Writer, VO Artist, Performer, Workshop Leader

Quotes Yvonne Coughlan and RSVP took part in the 2011 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival. Their mission was to write, shoot and edit a short film in the four days of the festival, and to present the finished film on the final evening. The end result showed a great appreciation and understanding of the process, particularly the inevitable technical difficulties that can arise from severe restrictions of time and budget. We enjoyed having them around...they arrived, took over their space and got on with it. I would have no hesitation in recommending RSVP for their drive, their enthusiasm and their professionalism. Quotes
Maurice Seezer
Artistic Director & Chairman, CFSFF 2012

Quotes I have had the pleasure to work with Yvonne on a number of projects over the years. It is difficult to properly outline her skills and strengths as with her, these things adapt, grow and strengthen with each project. The best I can do is this - Yvonne is kind, gentle, dedicated and guides as well as leads those working with her to examine and explore a wider reach of options in creativity for their particular portion of the entirety. She does this while juggling the myriad of decisions and problems that arise with a production. While she can be flexible when necessary, Yvonne respects and meets deadlines and goals. She is a difficult person to say no to, on the rare occasion that happens, as you know you will be missing out on a lovely experience. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion. June 18, 2020. Quotes
Tess Healy Maguire
Independent Entertainment Professional.

Quotes I know from personal experience the varied skilled set that Yvonne holds. Whether in the areas of arts production, arts direction, arts management or arts administration, she acquired long experience and mastery of each. May 1, 2020. Quotes
Dan Boyle
Cork City Councillor

Quotes Yvonne is highly organised, committed, and a phenomenal team player that I would have no hesitation recommending. May 5, 2020. Quotes
Martin O'Regan
Founder & CEO Inflightflix International Ltd.

Quotes Yvonne is a very talented, and hard working, stage, film and music director. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and can recommend her highly. May 17, 2020. Quotes
Moira O'Bren
Photographer/ Film Maker. Owner Tig Lammax B&B.

Quotes Eve of All Saints, [which] was written by Myles Breen and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. When the audience walked into the Daghdha space (a refurbished former church) there were three actors in-situ in statue-like poses. It was innovative use of the venue too. The show started with two teenagers turning up to spend Halloween night in a spooky church and it quickly became apparent that they were not alone, as the statues began to speak and move. These included Mary Magdalene and Saint Bernadette. Then a statue of Jesus appeared, only he wasn't the real deal; he was only Giovanni, the Italian model, who the first sculptures of the Lord were based on. There were some very funny observations about religion and the saints' lives i.e. Mary Magdalene is tired of still being called a whore after all these years. The play was really impressive. The cast was: Clodagh Callanan, Jared Nadin, Ellen Gough, Vanessa Murray, Maria O'Callaghan and Pius McGrath. Quotes
Rachael Finucane
Reviewer. The Magic Bulletin. 9 May, 2012.

Quotes "Yvonne is a highly-skilled creative, energetic project manager with a "can-do" attitude." Katherine-Yoga instructor, artist, events manager. April 2019. Quotes
Katherine Crowley
Performer We all Mourn & Make a Film in 4 Days with RSVP.

Quotes "It was a joy to work with Yvonne on the Cork Martial Arts Promotions Awards night (C-MAP). In fact, I can't call it 'work' because Yvonne and her team had planned and then executed the ceremony with absolute professionalism. No stone was left unturned in her quest for perfection. I know from TV that we are told never to work with kids and animals! Yvonne's team had no such problem with her young Martial Arts battalion. Congratulations to all." Bibi- Wellness Consultant, Public Speaking Tutor and Motivational Speaker.. Former TV Presenter. Dec. 2018. Quotes
BiBi Baskin

Quotes V-Day; The Vagina Monologues Cork/Kinsale 2009. "Nineteen volunteers, including a number of professional actresses, performed a series of monologues that combined to celebrate female sexuality as well as highlight female genital mutilation and rape. Produced by Kinsale-based Red Sandstone Varied Productions, this show was at times hugely humorous.[...] There was deathly silence in the Crane Lane Theatre as the audience learned that what is happening in the DRC is 'femocide' a war that is wreaking havoc on females. The clarion call to tackle this atrocity was the resounding message at the end of this heartfelt production." Colette Sheridan. Examiner. 1 May 2009. 27th Pavillion, Carey's Lane, Cork, 28th White Lady, Kinsale, 29th The Crane Lane, Cork, 30th The Vertigo Suite, County Hall, Cork. This production raised 11,000 Euro for women's charities. April 2009. Quotes
Colette Sheridan. Examiner. 1 May 2009.
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